Zombies From The Beyond

(April 3rd-24th, 1999)
Fleeing is useless, earthling! Zombies from the Beyond lands again at the Bryant Lake Bowl. The musical satire that won rave reviews last September returns in April. Cheer on the upright Trenton Corbett (John Trones) and perky Mary Malone (Kersten Rodau) as they rally the Milwaukee Space Center in its scrappy defense of Earth. Written by James Valcq, choreographed by Michael Matthew Ferrell, and produced by Perrin Post, Zombies from the Beyond reopens Saturday, April 3, 1999.

"I was thrilled to see John Trones (back at the Bryant Lake Bowl for the first time since his hit show "Boy, Oh Boy!) in the role of Trenton Corbett. Dramatically and vocally, Trones is every bit as good in this production as his previous production."
- Ryan Knoke / Pulse Magazine

"Zombies" is everything it should be: catchy, irreverent, and loads of interplanetary fun. John Trones, Gretchen Wurzer, Peter Couture, Doug Anderson & Kersten Rodau make for a strong-voiced ensemble with apt comic timing."
- Carolyn Petrie / Skyway News